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Tevrede Village (White River)

Blue Sky Projects was appointed by Stefanutti Stocks (Pty) Ltd to install 1000 m2 of interlock bricks at the Tevrede Village.

The site is situated between Sabie and Whiteriver.  

The previous sand surfaces was washing out by heavy rainwater. The area had heavy rainfalls during the season. It was mainly driveways, which was running downhill.

Preparation for the upgrade of the driveways was done by a grater and compact with a bomag roller.

To strengthen the paving bed, a concrete shoulder was installed.

Blue Sky Projects made use of 3 regularly labourers and 4 local labourers to complete the job.

Van der Merwe Centurion Patio Roof

Blue Sky Projects was appointed by Deon van der Merwe to build a roof and do stone gladding.

A 6m x 4m wooden beam frame was manufactured by Blue Sky Projects. The frame was covered by a 2mm white pvc canvas sheet.

The wooden beams were treated with a wooddoc wooden stain and sealer to enhance the life span of the wood.

The building team consisted of a carpenter and 3 labourers.

Van Zyl Centurion Alteration on house

Blue Sky Projects was appointed by Doret and Jacques van Zyl to do alterations on the existing house.

The existing walls and double doors were removed to enlarge the lounge. A new ceiling of 30m2 was installed. Walls in the lounge needed to be fixed, plastered and repainted.

70m2 of tiles were removed and new tiles were installed. At the outside 70m2 of new paving was installed. The surface was compacted by a plate compacter.

The building team consisted of a builder, paver, tiler, painter and 4 labourers.

Oosthuizen Monument Park Rebuilding of existing house

Blue Sky Projects was appointed by Brenda Oosthuizen to rebuild the existing house.

The Client moved out for the construction period to allow the Contractor to work as quickly as possible.

The old windows, window frames, door frames, tiles and ceilings were removed. The building was only left with the outside and inside walls with the roof.

The following new structures were build:

  • Three on-suite bedrooms
  •  One Guest bathroom
  • Four lounges
  • Modern kitchen with island
  • Entertainment area with a bar
  • Double garage
  • Servant courters
  • Jacuzzi room
  • Gym area
  • Paving of the drive-way and around the swimming pool
  • Boundary walls
  • Wooden deck

The construction team consisted of a black builder with 40 workers, plasterer with 20 workers, roof specialist with 10 workers; paint team consisting of 10 workers, tile team consisting of 8 workers, plumbing team consisting of 6 workers and an electrical team of 6 workers

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